About Us
Meet the Team:


An entrepreneur at heart with a degree in business administration and a background in marketing, finance, and project management, Josh took a risk 11 years ago by going into business full-time and founding Evolve in his home garage.

Josh has a deep commitment to contributing what people want and need, and a promise to elevate the level of integrity in the automotive restoration industry.


Chuck represents a rich background in supply chain management, inventory control, CAD design, and custom decorative metal finishing, not to mention his lifetime of experience working on cars, beginning at age seven.

Chuck has a love for Harleys, and spends his off-time working on a custom bike or two of his own.


Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Rene grew up working on their Volkswagen Bug in his dad’s garage.  After achieving success in a handful of careers including industrial design, Rene rediscovered his passion for cars.

Among his favorite cars are first-generation Camaros, Firebirds, and Dodge Power Wagons.  Rene brings to Evolve a high level of excellence and organization in his work.


Ben has been working on cars since adolescence, starting in his dad’s machine shop. Ben is smart. Very smart. In fact, when he took the ASVAB test, he scored in the 99th percentile for mechanical aptitude (maxed out, since there is no 100th percentile) and the 97th percentile for electrical aptitude.


Kristine has over 25 years of executive management experience. She has managed over $35 million in annual sales for large retailers.  She now oversees the creation and enforcement of Evolve’s policies and procedures.  Kristine also manages many of Evolves’ critical business functions. 

In her leisure time, she designs and hand-makes custom leather handbags.


Josh Jr. has been working as an apprentice at Evolve for three years.  He is currently attending college and working towards a bioengineering degree.  

He supports Evolve with his excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills.


Mayan is ASE certified.  One of his first jobs was in aircraft maintenance at Montgomery Field in San Diego. He has eight years experience in the automotive industry.  

His personal hobby focuses on a finely tuned Toyota MR2.  He is also a musician and plays the guitar and sings.


Chris has an invaluable 10 years of professional restoration experience. He has personally painted over 200 cars. He has a high level of woodworking skill and has done custom work for one of the wealthiest people in the world.

His hobbies include parachuting and competitive dog training. He and his dog “Mattie” have won medals in canine Frisbee competitions.


Fong has an eye for extreme detail.  As a perfectionist, not much makes it past his scrutiny.  He also has experience as a lube technician at a Subaru dealership and at Sears Auto Center. 

His other specialties include sculpting, painting and drawing.


Aaron began working on cars at 16 years old with his first car: a 1968 Torino GT. Since then, he hasn’t stopped working on cars. He’s capable of a wide variety of advanced mechanical, interior, and body solutions.

Given difficult and complex problems, Aaron is reliable to get the job done and get it done right.


Will has a strong background in restoration, with 13 years of experience painting and straightening automotive panels. In addition, Will’s background includes 30 years of experience in high-end furniture restoration and refinishing.

Will demonstrates meticulous care for proper procedures in his work.


Jonathan brings confidence and a can-do attitude every day. Coming from a fast-paced background in the service industry, Jonathan has found a home at Evolve, where he can express his passion for cars.

In the off hours, he works on customizations for his Infiniti G35.