Billing model
a well balanced plan:

The exact cost of a restoration project can only be estimated after a thorough inspection, which includes a partial disassembly of the vehicle. At Evolve, we don’t pretend to know what we don’t know – so it would be irresponsible of us to quote an exact cost for a project before doing our homework on the car. So we have a discovery process, which allows us to generate a proper estimate for the entire project.

We start with an inspection checklist 12 pages long that covers the mechanical functions as well as the condition of the body: the door gaps, the paint condition, the rust locations and extent, etc.

We generally remove the interior of the vehicle to check under the carpets and in hidden areas. We often run diagnostic tests on the motor, such as compression testing. All the electrical systems are tested. The weather seals are inspected, and so on.

We begin the project with a deposit of $5,000, which is enough to cover the discovery period including partial disassembly, and the remainder of the deposit goes toward additional progress on the project.

This way we are able to provide a detailed list of recommendations for the entire project, along with each item’s cost. Then the owner is able to make informed selections and plan on a budget for the project.

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Payments are made monthly at the same amount, for ease of cash flow, both for the owner and for the shop. This payment structure is an ingenious new financial model for the industry, and is discussed in detail.