Dan's 1968 Volvo 122 Amazon Wagon

This Volvo Amazon restored here at Evolve is among the finest examples of a Volvo wagon in the world.

In fact, just after we completed the restoration, this car was purchased by the CEO of Volvo North America, to join his private collection. Prior to being placed on display in a museum in Sweden, the car was used to represent Volvo history at the New York Auto Show in 2017.

This is a truly exquisite example, having undergone extensive work at Evolve to bring it to a finely-detailed, top-notch condition. It’s the little touches that make this car unique, like the custom fog light brackets we fabricated to position the lights just where we wanted them, the LED under-dash lighting, and the 123GT touches such as the original NOS Smiths tachometer – probably the final NOS instrument of its kind in the world.


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