Rusty's '77 Pontiac Sunbird

The Firebird Skybirds were produced in very limited production as Pontiac’s top-of-the-line offering in 1977. This example is truly one of a kind. The one owner bought it new in 1977, and for more than 40 years has treated it like absolute royalty.

Every part ever purchased for the car has been carefully logged in a complete record. Every time the fuel tank was filled was logged in a book, including the date, the price per gallon, and the odometer reading…starting with 7 miles on the odometer. Who knows if another car like this even exists. One of the many adventures the owner has had in this car was driving it in the early 1980’s on a beach when a wave splashed right into the car through the driver window, initiating a slow-growing rust problem in the dash and driver floor pan.

We’ve repaired that rust, fabricating new corners for the steel dash, and pieces of the A-pillar. This car will soon be back on the road, and if it’s lucky might even see a beach or two.


Rusty's '77 Pontiac Sunbird

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