Sean's 1964 Lincoln Continental

Owned by an entrepreneur in an emerging industry, this 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible was disassembled and painted by another shop more than 5 years ago. That shop closed down before the car could be put back together. The car sat in storage until earlier this year, when the owner brought the project to Evolve to be completed. With every piece of hardware missing, including all the nuts, bolts, and clips, as well as several of the critical parts gone such as the headlight buckets, we are now sourcing and obtaining everything needed to bring this car to a state of completion. We’re resurrecting the hydraulic system that controls the retractable convertible top, getting the motor running again after it sat with coolant filling one of the cylinders, presumably from a blown head gasket, assembling the interior, getting the windows working, and all other items needed to have this diamond in the rough back on the road and once again being enjoyed by its owner.


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