Our Shop
Streamlined and Organized:

The team at Evolve operates with the assumption that a highly organized shop is a critical part of producing a highly organized car. Our physical space is carefully arranged into three individual shops: a body shop, a mechanical and disassembly shop, and a clean reassembly shop on the second floor. This is in addition to our office and lobby area, and our clean paint booth – for a total of over 15,000 square feet. The entire space is climate-controlled, to protect delicate interior pieces and rare parts from temperature extremes.

Evolve’s process flows are strategically laid out with the manufacturing and productivity methods of 5S and Kanban in mind. Parts move from the car to the Component Restoration department, to the second floor where they’re labeled as “Ready to Install”, and then back onto the finished car. Parts going out to third parties, such as for chrome plating, are carefully cataloged and photographed, to prevent any missing parts and provide a chain of custody with our vendors.

We’re accountable for the entire process from A to Z, and we manage our vendors to a high level of integrity. Our word and our reliability depend on our ability to coordinate many moving parts at once, and bring the entire project together to completion. All work is signed off by the Project Manager, then the General Manager, and every restored car gets driven 50 miles by the President before being declared complete and receiving a brass emblem certifying its restoration at Evolve.

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If you’re wondering what’s ahead as you consider a restoration project, you’re not alone. We often hear stories of unpleasant experiences that car owners have had with their restoration projects. We hear these concerns, and we see the need for something unique in this industry – a level of excellence that stands out.

At Evolve, we consider that our customers’ cars are adopted for a time here, and we care for the cars as our own – meticulously providing what we promise, as we partner with our customers to build their dreams.