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shipping made easy:

This is where high quality auto transport companies are useful – transporters experienced with classic cars, and reliable to deliver the car without damage. Safe shipping is a number one concern among classic car owners. Entrusting a beloved car to the care of a transporter can be a delicate choice.

This is where a shipper’s reputation is critical. Fortunately, there is now an online auto shipping brokerage which makes the process easy and transparent. This platform allows car owners to receive competitive bids customized for the shipment, and to see reviews for each shipper before making a selection. The process is simple.

Additionally, here at Evolve, we handle one hundred percent of the legwork for shipping your vehicle. We have several shipping companies we’ve used regularly with success, and we can navigate the search for additional ones as needed – carefully selecting those with the highest ratings. We can also arrange for overseas shipment, and we have experience with shipping cars for restoration from Europe and the Middle East. Next week we’ll be shipping a classic Mustang Shelby from California to Saudi Arabia.

People often ask us if an open or enclosed transport is best. If a car is going to receive a full restoration, an open-air carrier will save considerable money, and might make sense. However, for the trip back home an enclosed trailer is a must. One wouldn’t want to receive a car back, fresh from restoration, with oil spilled on it from a car above on the trailer, or covered in dirt or even chipped from road debris. So we absolutely would only use an enclosed trailer after a restoration is complete.

Another consideration is special circumstances, such as when a car is a non-runner. Transporters need to know this information ahead of time, so they can plan accordingly. The sequence of cars being loaded onto a trailer is determined by any cars in the mix that don’t run. These cars are generally loaded onto the trailer in an order so they don’t need to be taken on and off the trailer at the various stops along the way.

When it comes to seeking a quality restoration shop, many car owners find themselves looking outside their local areas. This is due to many reasons: lack of restoration shops with specific expertise, strict regulations on products used in the area, and poor reputation of local shops. It’s becoming increasingly common for car collectors to ship their vehicles outside their local areas, to get top notch services.

Occasionally, cars need to be shipped without any suspension – on a rolling dolly rather than wheels. If this is the case, a dedicated trailer might be needed. This is usually a flatbed or enclosed trailer that only holds one car at a time. The cost is quite a bit higher for these transports, since the driver can’t leverage his time with multiple vehicles. However, it is an option when needed.

With all this information, it becomes clear that many shipping options exist which make shipping convenient – especially if the whole process is handled by Evolve. So, selecting the most appropriate shop for your beloved vehicle doesn’t need to be limited to local options. Considering the car is going to be enjoyed for many years to come, many car owners are finding that it makes sense to get the best possible work done, no matter where that shop is located.